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Nail art is a wonderful way to have some fun and express yourself. This could be with the colors of your choosing and the patterns or artwork that you love the most. Maybe you want to tell the world that you are a strong and confident female with girl power slogan artwork? Or perhaps you want to let your playful side show with fruity nail art. If you prefer a more minimalistic approach to nail art, then the classic French tips manicure is a firm favorite and can be worn everywhere. You can also embrace colors like baby blue, olive green, and lavender for pretty manicures that look good with almost everything. Having great nails can make you feel good about yourself, so keep reading for all the inspiration for your next look.

1. Writing Nails

Letter nail art is interesting and cool, but it can also be meaningful, letting you spell out words that have importance to you. This could be of anything, with something generic like “love” or “happiness,” or you can make it more personal by including your name, your birth year, or even the name of a loved one. This artwork also gives you several options for font and color, and you can choose your favorites. This could be bright and bold hues that demand attention or more subtle options for nail art that is wearable and versatile. For example, a nude or light brown base coat with black writing makes for a fantastic yet subtle manicure.

2. Classic French Tip Nails

You cannot go wrong with the classics, and a French manicure is a timeless and incredibly chic look. The traditional French tips feature a light pink or clear base coat and a strip of white polish at the top. It can highlight your nail shape and give the illusion of length and help to elongate your fingers. This is a manicure that can be worn by nails of all shapes and lengths and is perfect for all occasions, including formal events such as weddings. It is also a simple and easy look to create and can be achieved with minimal effort.

3. Logo Nail Art

Logo nail art is a great way to embrace the brands you love. This could be anything, including popular fashion logos like Chanel, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton. Adding these logos to your manicure will give it a luxurious feel, and it is also a way to show off your fashion prowess. When deciding how to include them, you can keep it simple with one logo on a feature nail and paint the rest of your nails a muted color like nude. Or make it bold and bright, with 3D elements and combining multiple images. This could also be a way to do some marketing for your brand, and you can work with your nail artist to design your company’s logo.

4. Modern French Tips

Modern French tips are an update to the classic French manicure you have been waiting for. It is a look that lets you have fun with color but is still easy to wear and versatile. The interpretation of modern tips differs, but this is often a look that swaps out the traditional white tips for more colorful options. You can find the look that works best with your nail shape and length, and tips can be thin or thick and subtle or bold. Experiment with sizing and placement, using negative spacing, and adding other details to your nails to help you achieve something fun and fresh.

5. White Marble Nails

White is one of the best colors for nail art because it is timeless and classic. The crisp hue makes even the most simple manicure interesting, and there are many ways to incorporate it into your nail art. For an interesting finish, try out marble nails. The marble effect has served as inspiration for nail art for years and can be achieved in the colors of your choosing. That said, white nails are more versatile than many other colors, thus making your manicure wearable. You may also wish to focus on a feature nail that will tone down the look and make it more subtle. Your feature nail can be of your choosing, but if there is a special ring you want to draw attention to, it is best to paint your ring finger.

6. Black Nails

Black is a color that exudes sophistication and is often associated with power, mystery, and style. The appeal of black nails are incredibly versatile and look great on their own or with other colors. For example, you can pair a black base with red tips or add white or silver details over it for a striking look. Black is great for those who want an edgy manicure, but, unlike black clothing, it is not always considered appropriate for all occasions; while you can rock it at fashion-forward events, it may not be office-approved. Lastly, black is great because it goes with everything, so mixing and matching with your wardrobe will be easy.

7. Rainbow Tips

What is not to love about rainbow nail tips? It is one of the most bright and cheerful manicures you can opt for and is a great way to add some color to your appearance. Rainbows are associated with hope and positivity, and you can channel these ideas with your nail art. There are also several ways to include rainbows in your manicure, but focusing on just the tips is one of the most striking. Instead of painting the tip white as you would for a classic French manicure, this look focuses on bright stripes to create the appearance of a rainbow. It is also a way to highlight your nail shape and would look best on rounded or curved nails to create the arch shape. Opt for pastel colors for a soft appearance or saturated colors if you want to make a statement.