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20 Best 2023 Nail Trends to Try Now, According to Nail Experts

 20 Best 2023 Nail Trends to Try Now, According to Nail Experts

Trust me when I say nail art isn't just for maximalists. Yes, statement-making chrome manis and vibrant marble nails may be all over your feed, but more natural-looking nail designs are equally cool for 2023. The beauty of minimalist nail art and manicures done with subtle, neutral polishes is that they won't clash with whatever you're wearing, and you won't tire of them as quickly as you would with a bolder design. Also great: Most natural nail designs are shockingly easy to DIY, so you can experiment with different mani ideas without spending a ton of $$ or making a trip to the salon.

Are you sold yet? Great, because I did hours of Pinterest and IG scrolling to bring you this roundup of the 30 best natural nail designs and ideas of 2023. From modern French manicures to pearl-studded accent nails, there's something for everyone on this list.

Micro-French nails

Ultra-thin lines make a classic French mani look way cooler, IMO, especially when paired with short, squared-off nails, says Green. Why? Because of their matching angles and lines. “We’ve seen a rise in micro-French manis on square nail shapes, because they look much more seamless on square tips,” she says. If you need a little ~guidance~ to DIY a straight line, paint your polish on a silicone manicure sponge, push the tip of your nail into it to get a thin line, then clean up any excess with a nail polish remover pen.

This Neutral Crystal Mani

There’s just something so stylish about nude nails, and this look ups the ante with a gem placed on each tip. This requires essentially no experience, because all you have to do is paint your nails with your favorite neutral polish and then pop a sticky gem on top.

Airbrushed Nails

"Airbrushing has been a tool in the nail industry for decades and slowly disappeared," says nail artist Hemi Park. "With aura and cheek nails all over social media, we’ll be reaching for airbrush guns and starting to create flawlessly blended blushing accents on the nails."

Matte nails

Because 2023 will be all about opposing trends (i.e., Tiktok’s “ballerina sleaze” aesthetic), expect a major resurgence in matte nails, especially when they’re combined with chrome elements or embellishments. To DIY, just paint a matte top coat over any of your polishes, then, add adhesive rhinestones for some contrast and visual interest.

Velvet nail trend for 2023

“Thanks to the glazed-donut nail trend, we’re thinking that shimmer shades will definitely make a major comeback in 2023,” Green says. And the coolest way to wear shimmer on your nails rn? With a magnetic nail polish that “activates” the shimmer flecks to result in this fuzzy, velvet-esque texture. Top it off with a shiny top coat and rhinestones for an extra-blinding finish.

This Two-Tone French Mani for 2023

Black and white polish plus this simple French mani design is exactly what minimalist manicure dreams are made of folks. It's giving me Chanel vibes and I'm obsessed.

Slime-green nails

According to Green, neons aren’t going anywhere in 2023. This year, expect to see the extra-terrestrial shade everywhere, from handbags to eyeliner to nails. If you want to dip your toes nails into the trend, try a slime-green French-tip manicure and one or two green accent nails.

Natural Nail Design: Minimalist Leopard Print

If you’re of the “leopard is a neutral” camp, I’m with ya. Making the feline spots even more wearable, this mani features only two or three on each nail with a versatile base of pink. Oh and did I mention that the spots are special effect nail toppers? No design skills required! Meowwwww.

Metallic embellishments

Nail jewelry, nail piercings—whatever you call it, metallic accents like chains, hoops, and charms are an extra-cool way to accessorize your nails. Celebrity nail artist (and my favorite person to follow on Instagram ever) Betina Goldstein kept her look super fresh by painting a shiny top coat on bare nails before adding chains and pearls. If you’re looking to try this trend at your nail salon, make sure to bring the embellishments you want with you, just in case your artist doesn’t have them on hand.

This Natural-Looking Sweetheart Nail Look

By turning the traditional half-moon tips into a heart shape on only two nails, this take on a French mani feels decidedly more modern. It’s perfect for V-day or whenever you’re feeling the love.

Natural Nail Design: Fire Flame Nails

These nails are giving me Ed Hardy vibes in the best way possible. Early aughts fashion is back, after all! By keeping the French-mani-meets-fire-emoji design white and the base polish sheer, it maintains a level of tasteful, not tacky.

Light-pink nails for 2023

If you’ve also been wearing leg warmers, ballet flats, and ribbons the last few months, you should def bring those “balletcore” vibes into your next nail look with a blush-toned light-pink polish. Essie’s Ballet Slippers and Olive and June’s Pointe are my faves because they don’t get streaky or need a bajillion coats to build up (and obviously, the names totally fit the vibe).

Natural Nail Idea: Simple Smiley

Nail stickers are all the rage these days because they’re inspired by professional nail art, but don’t require a steady hand. These still give off the same vibe as a carefully drawn on smiley, just without the time or expertise it takes to actually draw one.

This Natural-Looking Pearl French Manicure

If you love the fashion and beauty moments from Emily in Paris, these nails are for you. The quintessential French mani gets a seriously cute but subtle upgrade by way of pearl accents.

This Half-and-Half Nail Design

If you want to get in on TikTok’s red nail trend without fully committing, this is the look for you. Get ready for the compliments to start rolling in—don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Heart motifs for 2023

It’s all love for our nails this year, bb. Expect to see tons of heart details, whether they’re charms, decals, or drawn-on. You can also try a monochromatic look, or combine it with French tips, as seen here. Worried about it looking too cutesy? Play around with the shades (I’m a fan of blacks and blues), and feel free to skip the pink and red altogether.

Natural Nail Design: The Peekaboo Mani

These nails are almost all white, except for one tiny strip where the natural nail peeks through for a negative space moment. The crisp white color keeps things fresh while the unpainted band helps to keep grown out nails looking intentional. I have this one saved in my summer nail art folder.

This Matte Natural Nail Design for 2023

Shiny nails get all the love, but can we take a minute for this monochromatic matte number? I can’t imagine anything chicer to go with a cozy, bundled up look. Something about these matte nails just says “pairs well with cashmere sweaters” to me.

This Natural Tone-on-Tone Manicure

If you ask me, brown just might be the new black. And this brown on brown nail combo is just so damn good, I can't get enough. @browngirlhands DIY'd this look with The Editorial Nail's Kaffé Latté reusable press-ons, but you can also freehand a similar vibe using brown polish.

This Natural-Looking Abstract Nail Art

In between two shades and can’t pick one that you like enough for a full mani? This here-and-there design is for you. You get a tiny taste of brown and cream on each nail, but the majority remains naked. Commitment-phobes, you’re welcome.